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Exam Marking - An update

examThe University is aware that a trade union (UCU) may ask its members at Warwick to boycott the marking of exams as part of a national pay dispute.

Update 22 April

Following productive discussions between the trades unions and university employers, UCU has announced that it is consulting its members about further industrial action, including the planned boycott of marking. As a result of this consultation the earliest starting date for action would be 6 May as opposed to 28 April, as announced previously. The University hopes that the continued discussion between employers and unions at national level will result in a positive outcome.

UCU guidance makes it clear that this potential industrial action relates only to the marking process for exams and other assessed work. The actual exams themselves will be unaffected. Exams will continue to be set and run as normal and students should of course take part in their required exams

It is our expectation that only a minority of students may be affected by such a boycott. Students should be assured that, in the event of any such industrial action, academic Heads of Department and administrative colleagues will have arrangements in place, drawing on their experience of past similar industrial action, to avoid or minimize any impact on students.