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The False Memory Archive at Warwick Arts Centre

balloonCurrently, across the campus, may be encountered enigmatic film clips, stills and documentation relating to a hot air balloon ride. Found interspersed between the advertisements on campus-monitors, on the cinema screen in Warwick Arts Centre, on poster sites and in leaflet racks, this material forms part of The False Memory Archive: an important new body of work by the artist A.R. Hopwood.

The term ‘False Memory’ has a real potency in contemporary life. Hopwood has taken scientific findings about memory as a starting point to create works that interrogate and reflect upon what kind of ‘truth’ a false memory can reveal.

Hopwood’s collaboration with Dr Kim Wade, Associate Professor in Psychology at Warwick, investigated the role of photographic evidence in the creation of false childhood memories and more recently she has focused on how people determine whether a memory is real or fictitious.

Part of this research has involved using photographic evidence to embed the false memory of a hot air balloon ride in her subjects and it is a film based upon A.R. Hopwood sending Dr Wade on a hot air balloon ride that is at the centre of the work being shown across campus, including an exhibition in Warwick Arts Centre from 25 May – 29 June.

To hear A.R. Hopwood in conversation with Dr. Kim Wade about the project and the phenomenon of False Memory, visitors are invited to join them on Thurday 13 June 2013 from 1-3pm in the Arts Centre; this event is free but places are limited and should be booked through the Box Office on 024 7652 4524.