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Feedback in Practice - Window on Teaching event

A revolution in the way we provide feedback to students

Russell Stannard (CAL)

Russell Stannard has been experimenting with the idea of using screen capture for feedback since 2006. The idea has generated enormous educational interest with the British media following his work and inclusion in a report submitted to the government in 2010.

In this talk Russell is going to outline how Screen Capture Software can be used to enhance the quality of the feedback we give to students. This is a simple technology that can produce multimodal feedback that is both visual and oral. This is a simple idea that could totally change the way you provide feedback to students or get students to reflect on their own work. The talk will be very practical with lots of ideas on how the idea has been applied all over the world.

Russell Stannard is a Principal Teaching Fellow in the Centre for Applied Linguistics. He is interested in Open Educational Resources and runs the website which provides free step by step vidoes to help teachers incorporate technology into their teaching. It received over 300,000 visitors in 2012. He has won both the Times Higher Outstanding Initiative in ICT and the British Council ELTons Technology Award for his work in technology and education.

For a simple example of what feedback can be produced click here.

Read articles in the Times Higher and the Guardian.

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Passive assessment – using technology to support better teaching

Nick Wake (WBS)

Nick had an IATL Academic Fellowship to develop this flashcard-based student learning and revision system called ‘iTutor’ which runs on smart phones and allows students to test their knowledge of the subject.

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