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Coventry City Council's Good Citizen Awards

The Good Citizen Award is offered by Coventry City Council to people who may not get the recognition they deserve for their efforts to help or improve the community. The Award is open to nominations for people for a wide range of services to their city and communities.

goodcitizenThis includes:

  • Community involvement - how have they affected their community?
  • Going the 'extra mile'
  • Long service
  • Actions that have affected/involve others to improve quality of life?
  • An outstanding achievement - e.g. act of bravery/heroics
  • Gained recognition for the city at national/international level
  • 'Feel good' factor - making the whole city/ community feel good about being associated with Coventry
  • Outstanding achievement in their field, such as sports or culture
  • Contribution to commercial life/enterprise/employment in the City
  • Improving the environment of the City, including development and regeneration of an area or a building
Further information

If you would like to nominate someone for an Award, further information and the nomination form are available on the City Council’s website. More details about the winners for 2013 and why they were nominated can be found at The Good Citizen Award 2013 winners.

Nominations should be with the City Council by Friday 21 March 2014.