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Review of University governing instruments

The Vice-Chancellor, Stuart Croft recently wrote to members of Senate, outlining plans for a review of the University's governing instruments, to simplify and modernise them in light of work that other universities have done and to reflect changes in national legislation. You can read that letter below. Trade unions have been engaged and will be consulted with throughout the process. Staff and students will also be consulted with, as appropriate, via the trade unions and relevant University committees.

Dear Colleagues

In 2012, the University Council commissioned a review of the governing instruments of the institution. The purpose was to simplify, clarify and modernise the content in the light of the work that had been undertaken by other universities and given changes in national legislation. There has then been a period in which a good deal of background work has been undertaken.

At its meeting on 17 November 2016, the Council approved the establishment of a sub group to undertake that review. That sub group will work to make a set of recommendations to the Council in due course. There will be a process of consultation with Senate, the Students' Union, the Trades Unions, and relevant committees. The plan will be to produce proposals for discussion in the spring of 2017, ideally looking to present these to Council for agreement in May 2017. This will allow the process of seeking approval from the Privy Council to begin, with a view to adopting any amendments to our governing instruments.

The focus will be on making sure that the existing statutes and ordinances reflect our current organisation structure and processes. There will also be work to ensure that our statutory provisions are brought in line with contemporary employment law. Of course, any revisions to the governing instruments would be proposed in line with our commitment to the fundamental principles of academic freedom and equity.

There will be an update to Senate throughout this process and we will also update staff as the review progresses.

Best wishes, Stuart

What are our 'governing instruments?'

The University’s regulatory framework includes governing instruments which comprise our charter and statutes, ordinances and regulations. You can read more here.