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Letizia Gramaglia becomes a Principal Fellow of the HEA

Congratulations to Dr Letizia Gramaglia, Head of Academic Development (ADC) and Director of the Warwick International Higher Education Academy (WIHEA), who has gained recognition as a Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (HEA) through the Warwick Academic and Professional Pathway for Experienced Staff.

“I am absolutely delighted to receive this recognition – whilst it is classed as a personal achievement, it is first and foremost a testament to the invaluable support of excellent colleagues and inspiring mentors.
The process of applying for PFHEA has provided me with the opportunity to reflect further on my commitment to learning and teaching, my contribution to higher education, and my professional aspirations. Numerous conversations with critical friends have enabled me to articulate my strategic vision for academic development and recognise accomplishments, strengthening my awareness that leadership is most rewarding when grounded in collaboration with others.
I look forward to joining the wider community of PFHEAs and hope this will encourage others to pursue professional recognition.”

Principal Fellowships are awarded to highly experienced and/or senior staff with wide-ranging academic or academic-related strategic leadership responsibilities in connection with key aspects of teaching and supporting learning. They have responsibility for institutional strategic leadership and policymaking in the area of teaching and learning. They are also able to demonstrate strategic impact and influence in relation to teaching and learning that extended beyond their own institution.

Warwick colleagues

Letizia joins ten others at Warwick who have become Principal Fellows of the HEA:

  • Professor Robin Clark (Warwick Manufacturing Group)
  • Dr Richard Cure (Warwick Medical School)
  • Professor Will Curtis (Executive Office)
  • Professor Chris Hughes (Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Education)
  • Professor Geraldine Hartshorne (Warwick Medical School)
  • Professor Colin Macdougall (Warwick Medical School)
  • Dr Debbi Marais (Warwick Medical School)
  • Professor Sarah Richardson (History)
  • Professor Michael Scott (Classics and Ancient History)
  • Professor Gwen Van der Velden (Deputy Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Student Learning Experience)

Congratulations to these colleagues and all others who have gained HEA recognition on their achievement. There are now in excess of 1300 staff and students who have gained professional recognition through AdvanceHE.

Find out more about Warwick’s Academic and Professional Pathways to HEA fellowship.

Dr Letizia Gramaglia, Head of Academic Development and Director of the Warwick International Higher Education Academy.

Academic and Professional Pathways to HEA fellowship

Becoming a Fellow of the HEA provides formal professional recognition of your expertise in teaching and learning in HE. Whether you are just setting out or leading learning and teaching at strategic level, Warwick offers a pathway to Fellowship.

There are four categories of Fellowship available to staff dependent upon role and career stage:

  • Associate Fellowship
  • Fellowship
  • Senior Fellowship
  • Principal Fellowship