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Doctoral Fellowship Competition: Humanities Research Centre

The Humanities Research Centre is inviting applications for three internal doctoral research fellowships. Each fellow will receive a research budget of £400 and a conference budget of £600 to organise a one-day interdisciplinary conference during the academic year 2015-16.

The Fellowship is held alongside your work on your PhD. You can draw on your Research Budget for all reasonable expenses related to your research, including travel to collections, conferences and purchase of books/DVDs. You will organize a postgraduate one-day conference on a topic close to the area of your own dissertation, bringing together scholars working in your field.

This is a one-year Fellowship and is not renewable. It is open to full and part-time students whose dissertations are being supervised in the Arts Faculty (plus Philosophy), including those holding other University and British Academy awards. If you will have completed at least one, but not more than two full-time years (or part-time equivalent) of Doctoral research by 1 October 2015, you are eligible to apply.

The awards committee will be made up of three members of the current HRC committee.

How to apply

Find out more, including how to apply and the awarding criteria.

Applications should be submitted by 11am on Wednesday 4 February 2015.