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Exploring behaviour in The Human Zoo

�HumanJust how we behave and make decisions will be explored in a new BBC Radio Four series called The Human Zoo, involving Warwick Business School's Professor Nick Chater. The Professor of Behavioural Science will be joining presenter Michael Blastland to look at how far the human mind is led by reason, emotion and instinct.

Nick was recorded doing experiments with students at WBS, looking at the nature of bias, judgement and decision-making.

You can follow the programme via the BBC Radio 4 website and try out some of the experiments at WBS's online lab.

The first episode, broadcast on Tuesday 5 March 2013 at 3pm, looks at how difficult it can be to do more than one thing at a time.

Fellow Warwick Business School Professor Daniel Read is also set to feature in the six-part series.

Nick and Daniel are part of the WBS Behavioural Science group, which pools top brains from the world of psychology, economics, mathematics, statistics, physics and anthropology to bring new thinking on decision-making, strategy, finance and marketing to the business world.

Nick says:

We look at how individuals really form judgements about the world and how they make decisions. This will be fully explored in the programme and hopefully we will show in an entertaining way just how emotion and instinct play as big a part in our decisions as cool logic.”