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National Student Induction Workshop

In partnership with the Higher Education Academy

Student Induction is a critical point in the academic experience of a student and should be viewed as a process which spans ‘pre-arrival’ to the end of the first year of study.

Studies have shown that whilst Universities are excellent at preparing students for professional life, they do not perform as well in preparing students for academic life. Quite often induction processes focus largely on regulatory aspects of the University degree course with little focus towards achieving academic and social integration of the student into the University and the cohort. Induction processes can be mundane and 'boring' with students feeling 'overloaded' with information.

What is this workshop?

This one day sector wide workshop seeks to explore good practice in managing student induction and in particular to share ideas and techniques used by colleagues to manage the induction experience of students onto University degree courses.

Proposals for presentations/workshops are invited from members of staff who are involved in or have a responsibility for the student induction experience. Proposals from both academic and administrational staff are encouraged.

Proposals can cover themes such as:

  • The role of induction in ‘managing’/ discussing/ shaping student expectations
  • The impact of induction on student satisfaction – including as measured by the NSS
  • Academic transition between school and university level study – including understanding academic expectations and becoming independent learners
  • Pastoral/ social integration and developing that sense of belonging to the institution
  • Innovative methods for engaging student at induction, such as via games to aid campus exploration and discovery processes
  • Managing and developing cultural awareness for international students
  • Managing the transition to academia for part time students and distance learning students
  • Techniques for developing cohort cohesion

Whilst the workshop focuses largely on the management of the induction experience for first year degree students, experience relating to the management of MSc induction is welcome if it is deemed relevant also to year one degree students.

For further information, please see the Welcome to Warwick website 

Get involved

Date: 10 July 2014

Time: 10:00 - 16.00

Location/venue: University of Warwick

To book your place: Staff Booking Form

Proposal Applications

Proposals for presentations or workshops are invited from staff involved in the student induction experience. They should be between 300 and 500 words and describe the presentation that you intend to make.

Proposals should be emailed to Lisa dot Field at warwick dot ac dot uk by 5 May 2014.