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Next steps in the Information Security Programme

We have written recently about the commitment we’ve made to an Information Security Programme and we want to provide regular updates, like this one, to keep everyone aware and informed about the work we’re undertaking.

As you know, the information the University creates and manages needs to be kept secure, safely managed and available to the right people at the right time. Most of us handle sensitive and confidential personal and professional information at some time or another and use a range of IT devices to do so - PCs, laptops and mobiles. As a result of our own analysis, the ICO audit, and ever-increasing cyber threats, we know we must tighten computer security across the board. We need to be more stringent about the standards applied to computers and devices that access our network to avoid data loss, business interruption and reputational damage.

Our Programme consists of a series of essential workstreams planned over the next few months which will be undertaken step-by-step and with great care to make sure we achieve better operating standards while maintaining the full functionality of all our systems. We’ll need your understanding and help to do this, and to achieve the sector-leading position on information security that we all want for Warwick.

The Programme of work is being managed and approved through the formal Committee structures of UIMC and UIMEC, which include our own world-leading professional and academic experts in information management and data security. With their support we are establishing a minimum security specification for all University systems and devices to ensure we can all connect securely.

What will happen?

We will work with Departments and Groups, individually, to fully explain the process and arrange a time to make changes that provide a better balance between computer security and the need to maintain flexible working at Warwick. It will take some time and the changes may take some getting used to, but throughout the process there will be detailed support and guidance available. All the work of the Programme is designed to help us achieve a more manageable and secure environment. If you have any concerns, please speak to your UIMC representative