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Long Service Awards profile: Alan Dolan

Name: Alan Dolan

Job title: Associate Professor and Director of Social Work

Department: Centre for Lifelong Learning

Number of years at Warwick: 21

There’s no such thing as a typical day, but, in brief, my job involves...

At the moment my typical day as Director of Social Work has tended to mean that I spend far more time on administration with some teaching rather than on my research, particularly as we have a new Degree Apprenticeship programme in social work. Previously I spent many years in Warwick Medical School and that tended to focus more on teaching and research, with a little administration. This does mean that I am meeting with new people and teams within the University, particularly the degree apprenticeship team who are great to work with!

In my time at Warwick, the biggest change I’ve seen is...

The physical environment is by far the biggest change I’ve seen. I remember when much of the Arts Centre was closed because it was being remodelled and here we are again with much of the Arts Centre closed for remodelling, though this appears far more extensive than last time.

I remember watching sports on the fields now occupied by Math and Statistics, and University House originally being built for one of the big power companies. At the time, Senate House was the main central administrative building, which is tiny in comparison.

Warwick's kept me here because...

I’ve tended to work with nice people, which is the most important thing!

My colleagues in the medical school and now in social work have always supported me and helped me through the good and the not so good times. And the students of course! I’ve only really taught students taking professional courses, particularly medicine and social work, and I often see ex-students in University Hospital Coventry and Warwickshire or when visiting city council buildings. It’s great to see how they have progressed with many now consultants in a range of medical settings or in management positions within social work teams.

At the moment I'm really enjoying working on...

A study that has explored men’s experiences of infertility and infertility treatment, which was conducted with colleagues in the medical school and at University Hospital Coventry and Warwickshire. This project was also interested in the views and experiences of health professionals working in the field of assisted reproduction. We have published from this study and are working on further publications when we get the time – see above!

If I could change one thing at the University it would be...

The car-parking! To be fair to the University there have been extra spaces developed on Westwood Campus and the new car park at University House is great, but car parking still tends to be a feature of discussions with colleagues, students and outside guests.

I recently learnt that...

There is a short-cut to the Cannon Park shopping centre from Westwood Campus – I’ve been on Westwood Campus for five years and was only just shown it!

My favourite place on campus is...

The walk from central campus up to the medical school is lovely at different times of the year, particularly when the bluebells are out.

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Alan Dolan

"The walk from central campus up to the medical school is lovely at different times of the year, particularly when the bluebells are out."