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Materials GRP launch event 15 May

GRP Materials Launch EventAcademics across all departments with an interest in Materials Science are invited to attend the Materials Global Research Priority (GRP) launch event. It will take place on Wednesday 15 May 2013 from 10.30am-4pm in the Materials & Analytical Sciences Concourse.

The Materials GRP at Warwick is an interdisciplinary programme which spans the physical and engineering sciences.

It encompasses both the structure and understanding of materials at the atomic or molecular scales, right through to their macroscopic properties and applications.

The Materials GRP will join up research from across the Warwick campus on materials of technological and societal importance.

Event objectives:

  • To create a network of interested parties to work together within the research themes of the Materials GRP
  • To invite participants to consider how the Materials GRP can support their own research activities
  • To explore what participants wish to contribute to the activities of the Materials GRP
  • To identify next steps to take forward the work of the Materials GRP

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