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Meet the Students' Union Sabbatical Officers

Students' Union Sabbatical Officers 2015-16Earlier this year the Students' Union Sabbatical Officers for 2015-16 were elected by the student body to run and develop Warwick Students' Union and associated activities. The team, known as the 'Sabbs', took up their new roles over the summer. Find out about their roles and priorities for the year ahead.

You can keep up to date with the Sabbs through their blogs on the SU website.

Isaac LeighIsaac Leigh – Students’ Union President

Isaac is the lead student representative at the Students’ Union, ensuring the student voice drives decision-making on University committees and externally.

Isaac graduated with a degree in English Literature in 2014, and was the Societies Officer during the last academic year.

This year, Isaac’s priorities are introducing a proper Freshers’ Week for students from 2016/17, free of lectures and seminars. He will also be lobbying bus companies to improve their services and aims to improve communication between the University and the student body, among multiple other objectives including improving students’ understanding and discussion of mental health and supporting student groups who work in the community.

Find out more and contact Isaac

Charlie HindhaughCharlie Hindhaugh - Education Officer and Deputy President

Charlie is the Education Officer and Deputy President of the SU. He graduated in 2015 with a BA in Politics and International Studies, having studied for a year abroad at Monash University in Melbourne and Johannesburg.

As Education Officer Charlie’s priorities are to focus on learning technologies: to increase the provision of recorded lectures and to ensure that students can submit their work and receive feedback online, as well as campaigning against the Government’s move to abolish maintenance grants.

Find out more and contact Charlie

Olly RiceOlly Rice - Democracy and Development Officer

As Democracy and Development Officer, Olly is responsible for making sure the SU’s outlets and events are run in students’ best interest, including collecting and responding to student feedback.

Olly looks after the democratic processes at the SU, including All Student Meetings, autumn elections for SU Execs and Sabbatical Officer elections in term 2. Prior to joining the sabb team Olly was Chair of the Students’ Union Council.

Find out more and contact Olly

Nat PandaNat Panda - Postgraduate Officer

Nat is the Postgraduate Officer representing postgraduate taught and research students. His priorities are to get postgrads a better deal with their housing, teaching pay and conditions, study spaces and much, much more. Nat is also responsible for the environment portfolio and will work closely with the Environment & Ethics Officer.

Find out more and contact Nat

Luke PilotLuke Pilot - Welfare and Campaigns

Luke’s role is to support students and their wellbeing throughout their time at University, helping with issues such as housing and sexual and mental health. While also upholding the SU’s equal opportunities policy and ensuring equality and diversity in all areas of student life, Luke will also be encouraging and facilitating student activism on campus and in the local and international communities, through collaborations with the SU’s Liberation officers.

Find out more and contact Luke

George CreasyGeorge Creasy – Societies

As Societies Officer, George oversees the 250+ student societies at Warwick and the work they do. He supports students with setting up new societies, running existing ones and organising society activities. He’s keen to push volunteering and fundraising opportunities to the mass student population.

Before joining the sabb team George was involved in many societies, including volunteering in schools with Warwick Inspire and writing for the student newspaper The Boar.

Find out more and contact George

Alex RobertsAlex Roberts - Sports Officer

Alex has three major aims for the year – firstly, to continue to create a professional sporting environment for all student sports clubs, in terms of access to better quality coaching and physiotherapy, with the ultimate objective of improving Warwick’s BUCS standing. Secondly, he wants to ensure that Wednesday afternoons are free for sport so that students are not faced by an either or decision. Finally, he’s working towards making Varsity the competitive sporting event and spectacle that it deserves to be, and a far more engaging and campus-wide event.

Find out more and contact Alex

Part time officers

Did you know the Students' Union also has a number of part time officers? The part time officers work to support groups of students on specific issues, alongside their studies. Find out more about their roles and priorities.

Liberation Officers

These four officers work to ensure that the voices of minority groups are heard on campus. They each run campaigns and themed weeks designed to raise awareness of issues affecting Warwick students' lives.

Faculty Representatives

SU Faculty Representatives take the lead on academic issues, representing students’ interests on SSLCs (Student-Staff Liaison Committees) and Graduate Boards.

Part-Time & Mature Students Officer

Lead student representative for Mature & Part-Time students including those on the 2:2 degree.

International Students' Officers

There are two International Students' Officers - one representing international students from the EU, and one for students from outside the EU.

Environment & Ethics Officer

The Environment & Ethics Officer leads on campaigning for a diverse range of causes.