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Warwick team wins RWE npower’s Energy Challenge

The Energy Challenge, which has been running since 2006, is a nationwide competition which tasks students to offer a solution to an energy-sector challenge. npowerwinnersThis year, the challenge asked: “How do we put the energy back into energy companies?”

Warwick team ‘myPower’ made up of Master Physics student James Waterman, Master Systems Engineering Student Jamie Day, Masters Biology Student Bethanie Francis and Master Physics student James Iley-Hazelgrove won the Energy Challenge which sees the team win £500 each and all have received offers of summer internships with npower.

Team leader James Iley-Hazlegrove said:

We’re ecstatic to win this competition and we’re extremely excited to be working for npower over the summer. We’d recommend this competition to other students as it’s been a learning experience which has taken us out of the comfort zones and allowed us to develop our skills in industry, which we wouldn’t have done otherwise.”

The competition is designed to develop students’ commercial awareness and presentation skills, which many employers seek. The final was marked on the idea’s originality, affordability and value for money. Consideration was also given for its public engagement and positive perception potential.