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NSS Results 2018

The 2018 National Student Survey results have been released today (Friday 27 July). This is a survey of all undergraduate finalists at UK universities and colleges to understand and improve students’ experience of higher education. At Warwick 78% of our finalists participated in the survey this year – 3,203 students, an increase from 57% (1,136 students) in 2017. Overall, student satisfaction is 84.6%, decreasing slightly from 86.1% in 2017.

Thank you again to staff who supported and promoted the survey. Academic and professional service departments will work with the student body over the coming weeks and months to analyse the data and undertake action planning for further improvement.

You can view the full survey results on the Office for Students website.

What do the results mean for Warwick?

We are pleased to see the satisfaction our students show with their education at Warwick, whilst aiming to do better each year. We greatly value their feedback and respect their judgement. Staff and students are working very closely on developing new ways to extend and enhance their learning through internationalisation, interdisciplinary study and student research, and the NSS is a key element of our collaborative approach to overall enhancement at Warwick.

Against a backdrop of more than 25 years in the top ten of national league tables, we are proud that a Warwick education is much sought after and our students are highly talented. We seek to stimulate our students intellectually through distinctive programmes to encourage them to think critically and to challenge convention both whilst at university and when they take their place in the world. Our students are currently the third most targeted student body by the UK’s top 100 graduate employers.

The NSS results demonstrate that we must continue in our efforts at both institutional and departmental level to improve the educational experience at Warwick. We will work over the coming weeks, together with the Students’ Union, to analyse this feedback and undertake further action planning for improvement. If you have questions or comments in the meantime, please contact Dan Derricott in the Teaching Quality team.