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Phishing email warning

A fake email, asking you to follow a link to a "Live@Edu Email Update" has been sent to some University email accounts.

The email is not genuine, and you should not reply to it or follow any links in it. It is an attempt to capture your personal data. IT Services will never ask you to submit your account details online.

If you've clicked through by mistake...

If you thought the email was genuine and clicked any of the links, we recommend that you change your password as soon as possible, through the usual means:

If you'd like more information about spam and "phishing" emails, please visit the ITS website

The email

The text of the email is as follows:

Subject: Warwick| Live@Edu Email Update

Warwick Webmail system and calendar services have been updated.
Visit the updated Microsoft's Live@edu for information and instructions on how to access your email.

Accessing Live@edu

You can access your Live@edu email from

What is Live@edu?

Live@edu is a Microsoft-hosted service which provides users with:

  • Outlook Live - a 10GB email account
  • Support for calendars, contacts and tasks within the email account
  • Windows Live Messenger instant messaging is a fully integrated part of the Live@edu service
  • Mobile phone access is fully supported via the Activesync system; any phone which supports Activesync (Nokia, Windows Mobile, Apple iPhone, Palm Pre) can have email, calendar, contacts, etc. synchronised between the phone and the desktop.
  • Office Live Workspace - store, access, edit and share your documents and files online.