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Phishing email: Year end fiscal calculations

A phishing email has been sent to some Warwick email accounts, appearing to be from HM Revenue & Customs and asking you to submit payment details.

The email is not genuine, and you should not reply to it or follow any links in it. It is an attempt to capture your personal data.

If you'd like more information about spam and "phishing" emails, including what IT Services do to reduce the amount of spam email, and steps that you can take, please visit the ITS website

The email

The text of the email is as follows:


Year end fiscal calculations information


Year-end fiscal evaluation revealed that you have over paid £1400 to government in taxes. You are required to submit your payment information in order to return this funds to you by following the processing link.

Refund processing link

It is important that you submit your payment information immediately to avoid delays.

HM Revenue & Customs