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Pulse staff survey: Have your say

”PulseThe 2013 Pulse staff survey has now closed. Thanks for submitting your views and suggestions.


In the past seven years staff feedback has helped to shape Warwick and make a difference to our working lives and environment. The results of Pulse surveys lead directly to action being taken to implement suggestions - at a University-wide level and within individual departments and teams.

Top-level results from Pulse 2013 will come out in March and the detailed results will be available later in the year.

Thanks to everyone who's already taken part. If you’ve not yet completed the survey, there’s still time to have your say.
The survey closes on Wednesday 20 February 2013.

  • To complete online, simply click on the link in the reminder email you received from WarwickPulse on 5 February.
  • If you don’t use email regularly at work, fill in and return your paper copy before 20 February.
  • If you need a new survey link or paper copy or have any other queries, email warwickpulse at orcinternational dot co dot uk or call 0845 676 2096.

Pulse 2013 takes approximately 10-15 minutes to complete, and can be completed during your normal working hours or away from the office, whichever you prefer. It’s managed by an independent research company which means that individual responses are confidential and anonymous and will not be seen by anyone at the University.

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The findings from the most recent Pulse staff survey in 2011 resulted in University-wide actions being taken around leadership, communications and reward & recognition, as well as actions within individual departments and teams.
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