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REF Code of Practice - special circumstances forms

The deadline for Research Excellence Framework Special Circumstances Forms has been extended to Friday 22 February 2013. If you are eligible for the REF, please ensure that if you have either a clearly defined or complex circumstance that you complete a form asap and submit it no later than 22 February 2013 to: refcircumstances at warwick dot ac dot uk or by confidential mail to: Sandra Beaufoy, Human Resources.

It is the responsibility of each eligible staff member to notify the University of any circumstances that may impact on the number of outputs submitted to the REF (this includes clearly defined circumstances such as maternity/adoption, early career researchers etc).

Download a special circumstances form from Warwick's REF web pages.

If you have any questions regarding the special circumstances form, please speak in the first instance to your Head of Department or your HR Link Adviser.