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Warwick spinal immobiliser trial

spinal immoAs part of a Warwick Medical School research project in Emergency and Critical Care, we are looking for healthy volunteers to help with the testing of a new spinal immobiliser. We know that current devices don’t provide complete immobilisation, and that they have inherent disadvantages, so this new immobiliser is designed to overcome both issues.

Both students and staff are invited to volunteer for a session, where you would have the new, and two currently used, spinal immobilisers fitted to you by a trained clinician. These sessions would take place on the Gibbet Hill Campus, and take around 90 minutes each.

12 volunteers will test the first (alpha) prototype; we will then use the results of these tests to redesign the device to create the second (beta) prototype which will then be tested in a very similar way, using a different set of approximately 35 volunteers.

The first two testing sessions are booked for 16th and 23rd July (see the website for further details), with further dates to follow, and so we’d be grateful to have offers of volunteers by 12th July if possible. However, we shall need further volunteers in September, so if you aren’t able to meet that deadline, please still get in touch.

For more information on the project, and for details on how to volunteer to support it, visit the website.

You can register your interest here.