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Staff Email Project Complete

IT Services have now finished their project to move all staff email accounts over to the new Live@Edu system.

Thank you for your patience during this major change.

Getting the best out of your email

All of the following will help you to get better performance out of your email:

  • Keep your inbox uncluttered – delete your old emails regularly (and don't use the deleted mail folder to store emails).
  • Clear out big files – if you have an email with a large file attached, save the file to your folders, and delete the email.
  • Keep your calendars and folders shut – having loads of folders and calendars open will only slow things down.
  • Log out every day – it's more secure than leaving yourself permanently logged in, and will make sure you have the latest address book.
More information

For more information about the new Live@Edu email system, visit the ITS site.

For more about best email practice, visit the Information Security site.

If you have any problems with the new service, please contact the ITS helpdesk on 73737 or at