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Staff pay award

Following national negotiations between Higher Education employers and Trades Unions, a pay increase has now been agreed. We are working to implement the increase at Warwick as soon as possible so that staff receive it in August salary payments.

Most people will receive an increase of 1.7%, with slightly more for those on spinal points at the lower end of the salary scale. For further detail on the percentage increase, please see the table below, and refer to the current salary scale published on the HR webpages. This national pay award is independent of the University’s Merit Pay and Senior Performance and Remuneration schemes. Payments under these schemes will be made in November 2017.

We are also honouring the University’s commitment to make up any shortfall between current pay and the benchmark which is recommended by the Living Wage Foundation (LWF). The LWF benchmark should not be confused with the National Living Wage determined by Government – all pay at Warwick is already comfortably above that level. Staff whose pay fell slightly below the LWF benchmark since it was last reviewed in November 2016 will therefore receive a cash bonus which represents the difference between their hourly pay and the £8.45 per hour LWF benchmark for the period November 2016 to end July 2017. Again, we are aiming to make these payments this month. For any queries, please contact reward at warwick dot ac dot uk.

Staff pay award 2017