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IYOS Event: What has statistics ever done for you...?

stats1This year is the International Year of Statistics. As part of this the Department of Statistics is organising an afternoon and evening seminar on Wednesday November 27.

The afternoon session for members of the University is about truly collaborative work between statisticians and colleagues in other disciplines, in which the statistical analysis has been crucial in undertaking the investigation. There will also be a small brains trust/panel discussing the challenges and pitfalls of setting up such projects and more importantly how to avoid them.

The evening session is aimed more at the public and local community with a keynote lecture on ‘Statistics, why should they matter?’ given by Professor Marian Scott of the University of Glasgow. A full timetable for the event is available here.

Local schools are invited to participate in this celebration by entering the Poster Competition. Winners will receive £100 vouchers, with £50 vouchers for the finalists.

The whole event is free, including refreshments. However, booking is required. Bookings will close at 5pm on Sunday 24 November 2013

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What has statistics ever done for you...?

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