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Strike Action by fire-fighters: 31 October to 4 November 2014

Staff and students may be aware that fire-fighters in England and Wales have announced that they will stage a continuous period of strike action from 6pm on the 31 October until 6pm on the 4 November.

Our local Fire and Rescue Services have contingency measures in place to respond to a confirmed fire or where there is an immediate risk to life.
This period of strike action is the longest to date, but is unlikely to cause significant impact to the normal life of the University. Staff and students should of course consider any potential impact on events they are running within that time frame. This is also an opportune moment for staff and students to:

  • Remind themselves of the basic fire procedures
  • Re-familiarise themselves with the local emergency exit routes
  • Ensure that they, their colleagues, and friends take every fire alarm seriously and evacuate immediately, calmly and safely on hearing such an alarm

Anyone wishing to discuss any more specific area of fire safety should contact Chris Mayfield, the University’s Fire Safety Adviser on ext. 22561 or mobile: 07876 218170.