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University to appoint new student liaison officers

Following feedback from students over the past year, the University is to pilot a new student liaison service as part of the services provided through the Student Support Office and the Office of the University Senior Tutor.

New Liaison Officers will provide a drop-by service in different buildings across campus offering students easy access to information about and within the University and signposting them to the academic or service department most relevant to their specific enquiry. The service will complement existing departmental and student support structures, including directing students to where they can get any formal academic or pastoral guidance that they need.

Where relevant, Heads of Academic or Service departments will be provided with a quick update on issues that students raise so that they can be considered and resolved by the appropriate person.

The new Liaison Officers will be students who have been appointed and trained to fulfil this important information and signposting role.

More details of the new service will be publicised by the beginning of March with the expectation that the pilot will be operational by the summer term 2013.