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Spotlight on Warwick Lectures this October

dlsSir Vernon Ellis: 'Beyond Public vs Private: Creating Entrepreneurial Public Value' (6pm, Thurs 23 Oct 2014)

Many of the UK’s great public institutions – the universities, the great galleries, theatres and museums, the BBC and the British Council - share an entrepreneurial ‘mixed economy’ funding model. This combines a clear ‘mission’ or public purpose, with some public funding and growing levels of partnership, enterprise vernon_ellis.pngand innovation. And yet this model is often challenged both by those who would prefer a pure private enterprise model and by those who worry about sullying a traditional public service model. The British Council has revenues of £850m, only 20% of which is public grant, and describes itself as an "Entrepreneurial Public Service". What does this mean in practice and is it something to be admired and emulated or something to be concerned about? Sir Vernon Ellis will discuss this topic in his Distinguished Lecture on 23 October.

Having spent all of his working life at Accenture, Ellis became Chair of the British Council in 2010, where he has led the Board and management through an extensive reframing of the strategy and organisation structure. He is also Chairman of Martin Randall Travel and of One Medicare – a company providing primary health care services to the NHS – and is a non-executive Director of FTI Consulting Inc and President of English National Opera. He was knighted in 2011 for services to music and in 2012 was appointed Chairman of the Arts and Media Honours Committee and a member of the overall Honours Committee and the Philanthropy Committee.

Registration is required

grp_energy250.jpgWomen in Energy Seminar (10-3pm, Fri 10 Oct 2014)

Location: Rooms 1 and 2 Wolfson Research Exchange, The Library
Energy is a hugely topical area in the news right now. Please come along to hear talks from female academics and senior leaders in industry talk about their area of energy expertise, their career path, why they chose to work in energy and the challenges they face in their field.

This event is free and of interest to to both post graduate students reflecting on career directions to take, and established academics looking to forge partnerships for future projects read more details available here.

Registration is required.

2748_warwick_physics_lecture_a3_poster_v2.jpgPhysicist, Explorer and Inventor: Dizzying Highs and Crushing Lows
(7.30-8.30pm, Tues 14 Oct 2014)

Location: Physics Lecture Theatre, Department of Physics
This talk follows the life of a scientist who embraced adventure. From exploring strange magnetic phenomena, to predicting the presence of an element, his career took him on a journey that reached both dizzying highs and crushing lows. Counting Einstein among his friends, the scientific discoveries and inventions he made played a role in shaping modern technology. So, to find out the identity of the scientist who made it as a science legend, in fact and fiction, join Caroline for an evening of exploration and invention – following the journey of one man and his curiosity for new perspectives.

Caroline Shenton-Taylor was the 2014 UK winner of Famelab, the world’s leading science communication competition. An industrial physicist, who received her Physics degree and PhD from Warwick. No need to register this is an open event (12+).

Dudley AndrewBelief and Technology: Bazin and the Miracle of Superimposition
(5.15pm, Tues 14 Oct 2014)

Location: MS.04 (Maths & Stats building)

Dudley Andrew is the R. Selden Rose Professor of Film and Comparative Literature at Yale.

Biographer of André Bazin, he extends Bazin’s thought in What Cinema Is! (2011) and in the edited volume, Opening Bazin (2012). He has just translated and introduced a new collection called André Bazin’s New Media. Working in aesthetics, hermeneutics and cultural history, he published Film in the Aura of Art in 1984, then turned to French film with Mists of Regret (1995) and Popular Front Paris (with Steven Ungar, 2005). He co-edited The Companion to Francois Truffaut (2013). For these publications, he was named Officier de l’ordre des arts et des lettres by the French Ministry of Culture.

The lecture is free to attend and there is no need to register.