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Working securely: Please use MS Teams for video-conferencing

The University Information Management Executive Committee has taken the decision not to purchase a site license for the video-conferencing application Zoom.

There are a number of important components to this decision:

We have been through an internal security review

The University’s IDC and IT Security teams have both conducted reviews of the product and expressed severe reservations about its security – including the lack of end-to-end encryption – resulting in formal decisions not to recommend use of the product.

We have experienced multiple Zoom-bombing incidents

Despite the internal security review, Zoom has been widely downloaded by University staff and in using it, we have experienced multiple ‘bombing’ incidents. Meetings have been interrupted or ‘hacked’ – ranging from irritating intrusions to random exposure to offensive or illegal material.

Zoom no longer offers superior functionality and capacity

Earlier in the year, it was believed that only Zoom could provide the functionality and capacity we required. Since that time, our preferred system, MS Teams, has enhanced its offer on both counts, now meeting our needs. Chris Twine has confirmed this on behalf of the Education Executive.

Safeguarding our community

We understand that some staff have ongoing projects using existing Zoom licenses. To take a lead in safeguarding the security of our working community, we ask that the use of Zoom be ended as soon as practical at the completion of these activities.


We will support you to make the most of MS Teams, for meetings, for teaching and for large events.

MS Teams: information and support

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