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Voices of the University: Share your memories of Warwick

People outside the Humanities buildingDo you provide administrative support for a university department? Do you work backstage at the Arts Centre? Are you part of the Cleaning Services staff at Warwick? Do you keep the grounds and buildings looking their best?

If so the ‘Voices of the University: Memories of Warwick, 1965-2015’ project would love to hear from you.

This exciting oral history research project is currently running at the Institute of Advanced Study, led by IAS Research Fellow Grace Huxford. In anticipation of Warwick’s 50th anniversary in 2015 the project has so far captured the voices of over 200 people who have studied, worked and lived near the university since its creation in 1965. The interviews will be archived at Warwick’s Modern Records Centre and provide a unique database for future researchers.

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Share your memories of Warwick with us!

If you work with colleagues who do not have regular access to insite, please help us to make them aware of this opportunity.