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The Fortnight project - Register now

Join Coventry’s secret society for two weeks only with Fortnight

From Mon 17 – Sun 30 March, something beautiful will be happening in Coventry. It’s your chance to see the world you thought you knew through glasses of someone else’s making.

Fortnight is a two-week, bespoke experience that unfolds in real-time for participants who live and work in Coventry. It is a theatrical intervention into the daily lives of those who sign up, taking place largely via the modes of communication we use every day (mobile phone, email,and post) and through invitations to interact with objects located throughout the city.

People who accept the invitation to join in with Fortnight will receive secret invites, poetic nudges and mysterious communications over the course of two weeks, that will ask them to look anew at the way they navigate the journeys through their home city.

What actually happens during Fortnight is shrouded in mystery. It’s not a play. It’s not a game. It’s a series of fireworks and you have the matches; what you choose to do with the matches is up to you. It’s nothing to be afraid of – there’ll be no audience participation in the scary sense of the word. This is simply a chance to be a part of a secret club of Coventrians, given the chance to roam all over the streets of a city you thought you knew like the back of your hand. So get a band of friends together, and commit to a fortnight in Coventry that you’ll never forget!

Register your interest in Fortnight online. Then sit back and wait for the magic to begin!

To take part in this unique project, you need to register and purchase your ticket before Thursday 13 March 5pm.