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Warwick Laksh Project: volunteer opportunities for summer 2014

Laksh Project volunteerThere are just two weeks left to apply for one of the volunteering opportunities for students with an interest in teaching on the Warwick Laksh volunteering project taking place this summer.

Project placements

The Laksh Foundation is near Delhi, India, and the project involves sending groups of Warwick students to stay in cottages at the rural Laksh farm, to work with the teachers, sharing new teaching methods and to teach the local school children in English, maths and other core subjects.

The placement lasts for a month and is fully funded, with student volunteers required to raise £500 in advance of the placement to contribute towards future volunteering in India projects.

Find out more

For further details and to apply, visit the Warwick Laksh Project website.

Applications close on Friday 31 January 2014.