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What makes us happy?

Photo of smiling people

Is happiness genetic? Or does our environment have more of an influence on our wellbeing? Hear from five Warwick academics who are exploring the nature of happiness as they discuss their own research in the area of wellbeing.

There's something about the Danish

Eugenio Proto and Andrew Oswald, Economics, discuss their research into the genetics behind the happiness of nations (spoiler alert: Denmark comes out on top: is it the bacon? The pastries? Or the bacon-filled pastries?).

Is happiness in our genes?

Claire Haworth, Psychology, talks about her work with twins.

Measuring happiness: The right tool for the job

Sarah Stewart-Brown, WMS, explains how the questions we're asked, especially in a medical context, affect how we perceive mental health problems.

Is happiness homemade?

Libby Burton, Engineering and WMS, will, in an upcoming piece, explain her work researching architecture and the role that the buildings we live and work in play in making us happy.

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