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Improved Campus Wi-Fi Services

IT Services have improved the process for logging in to the Managed Windows 7 Desktop when using a laptop computer here at Warwick. The aim is provide a more consistent experience regardless of whether you connect to the University network with a wired or wireless connection.

When you are in a location covered by the University's hotspot-secure wireless network, and you log in with your IT Services usercode at the Windows login screen, your laptop will now automatically try to connect to hotspot-secure first. This means that files in your personal H: folder will be the live ('online') versions from the server, so you won't need to connect to the wired University network in order to synchronise cached ('offline') files with the server. You will also be able to access shared folders and programs, and receive updates to the Managed Windows 7 Desktop, as if you were on the wired network.

This update does not affect what happens when you log in to the Managed Windows 7 Desktop via wireless networks other than hotspot-secure – for example, at home, on eduroam, or at other locations where you are not able to connect to the University network as you log in to Windows. In those cases you will continue to access cached copies of your personal H: drive in 'Offline Files' mode. Changes to those files will still only be synchronised with the server when you log in to Windows on the University network (wired or wireless). Also, before you can use it off-site you must have logged in to the laptop at least once while connected to the University network, in order to create a profile and cache your details.

More information is available on our hotspot-secure connection page.