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Window on Teaching Events

Window on Teaching is a regular series of hour-long, lunchtime presentations from members of Warwick’s teaching community and are open to all Warwick staff, Postgraduates who teach and PGCE students.

Open space teaching

Stephen Purcell - Wednesday 27 November - 12:30–13:30

This session will explore some of the ways in which a flexible use of space can aid student learning and encourage different kinds of engagement. Drawing on his experiences in open space teaching for the English department and as a leader of drama workshops, Steve Purcell will reflect on some of the strategies which are most likely to be effective in other disciplines.

The session will be part-presentation, part-workshop, so come along ready to get involved.

Role-Playing: bringing the classroom to life

Timothy Dodsworth - Wednesday 4 December - 12:30–13:30

Why is it that students can remember every detail of the party that weekend but the case/formula you just mentioned 5 minutes ago seems to have disappeared? In 1989 we learnt that Bill and Ted had to travel back in time to experience history and bring the characters of the past into the future in order to pass their exams (‘Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure’).

Using role-play in the class-room allows students to ‘experience’ their subject, learn more effectively and teaches tutors to actively listen. This session will allow for a discussion of when and how role-playing might enhance the teaching but will also address situations where role-playing should not be used.

For more information and to book your place for either session, please visit the website.