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Tahani Bawazeer and Mohammad Alsoufi among UK's Best Saudi PhD Students

A husband and wife team at the University have been among those named as the top eight Saudi PhD students in the UK, with Warwick being the only University in the UK with two winners of this competition.

Tahani Bawazeer, Department of Chemistry and Mohammad Alsoufi, School of Engineering were selected from hundreds of UK-based Saudi PhD students based on their achievements in research.

Tahani and Mohammad are both carrying out research into surfaces, although from different viewpoints. Mohammad is a micro-tribologist (researching the science and engineering of interacting surfaces in relative motion) in his third year of research. Tahani is in her second year of research, and is studying reactive surfaces using imaging techniques to probe fluxes.

Tahani and Mohammad were presented with prizes at a recent ceremony at the Saudi Embassy.

Photograph of Mohammad and Tahani

Photograph of Tahani receiving the award Tahani receiving her award
Photograph of Mohammad receiving the awardMohammad receiving his award