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Mathematician honoured by the prestigious Ostrowski Foundation

Professor David Preiss, from the Mathematics Institute, has been awarded a top academic accolade for his ‘outstanding achievement in pure mathematics’.

Professor Preiss was selected by an international jury from the Universities of Basel, Jerusalem, Waterloo and Academies of Denmark and the Netherlands, to receive the Ostrowski Prize 2011 – a major acknowledgement of his work in the field of Analysis. He shares the award with Kannan Soundararajan and Ib Madsen.

David said:

I am delighted to have been selected for the prize that was previously awarded to mathematicians whose work I immensely admire.

Professor Colin Sparrow, head of the Warwick Mathematics Institute, added:

David is internationally recognised as a brilliant mathematician who has solved many important problems in pure mathematics. He is also an inspiring teacher and colleague.

The Institute is delighted that David's mathematical research has been recognised by the well-deserved award of such an important prize.

Alexander Ostrowski, a longtime professor at the University of Basel, left his estate to the foundation in order to establish a prize for outstanding achievements in pure mathematics and the foundations of numerical mathematics.

Professor Preiss is the fourth British based mathematician to be awarded the prize since its inception in 1989. The Ostrowski Prize is awarded every two years.

David Preiss