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My Warwick Life: Mark Mobley

Mark MobleyThe My Warwick Life feature gives an insight into staff and students’ lives at Warwick, considering both their work and social life on campus. This week we hear from Mark Mobley, third-year Warwick Medical School undergraduate.

I chose Warwick because..

it offers the largest graduate-only medical course in the country. As a mature student, the opportunity to study with other graduates was very important to me. Ever since I decided to study medicine, Warwick has been my first choice.

On a typical day, you’ll find me..

all over the place! The Medical School offers a highly vocational course; emphasising patient contact and clinical experience. As such, day to day studies are a whirlwind of different locations, from GP surgeries to any of the numerous hospitals in the local area. This week I am based at UHCW - a new teaching hospital in Coventry. Last week I was following midwives and attending sexual health clinics at the City of Coventry Health Centre, and the week before I was doing night shifts at a busy labour ward, helping deliver babies! I’m glad to say I don’t really ever have a typical day.

I’m really glad I got involved with..

the wide range of events run at the surgical training suite at UHCW. I was recently there to help teach anatomy to A-level students interested in medicine. It was very rewarding to see their reaction to seeing some of the dissected specimens Warwick has for teaching, and to be able to help give something back to budding medics.

I had a really useful meeting recently with..

Professor Abrahams, the head of anatomy, to discuss the further development of an anatomy website I have been working on. He was keen to provide further support by arranging funding for a studentship this summer. This will involve supervising a current first year student and working with them to create anatomy animations using techniques I've developed while at Warwick. Although in their first year, the student already has another degree and I'm excited to see what they will be able to bring to the project.

I recently attended a conference..

hosted by the American Association of Clinical Anatomists (AACA). I shared a presentation session with Professor Robert Acland, an influential microsurgeon and anatomist who has been hugely instrumental in my success so far at Warwick thanks to his seminal series of anatomy videos. As a result of that meeting he invited me to visit his fresh tissue laboratory in Kentucky. I recently returned from a six-week medical elective where I spent each day working with Professor Acland to develop a new video atlas of the inner ear.

I’m really enjoying working on..

creating anatomy visualisations of the inner ear. I'm incredibly excited with the results achieved so far, and I was told today that I've been accepted to attend another AACA anatomy conference. This one will be hosted at St. Georges, a medical school in the Caribbean. I spent four weeks there in my first year learning dissection techniques, and it will be very rewarding to return to present the work I have done with Professor Acland. On completion, our work will become a new chapter in his video atlas, which is a huge personal honour given how important they were to my early studies.

If I could change one thing at the University, it would be..

parking facilities for medical students. Although I understand the need to encourage use of sustainable transport, our course requires us to travel to multiple sites throughout Warwickshire each day, often poorly served by public transport, but there are no dedicated parking facilities for Med School students.

I recently watched a performance of Mozart's The Magic Flute at the Arts Centre and..

although I was initially wary of how good an amateur opera could be, I was hugely impressed by the quality of the performances. Several medical students contributed to the live orchestra, and I was amazed they had been able to fit time for rehearsals into our busy schedules.

In terms of food outlets on campus, I'm a big fan of..

Curiositea at the Student's Union. At a recent visit, not only did they serve excellent coffee, they played the entirety of The Velvet Underground and Nico while I was there. Bliss.

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