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Prince's Trust Volunteer Scheme

Prince's Trust Team
Prince's Trust Team
Originally Published 15 October 2002

Earlier this year, Esther Zaccarelli was selected to participate in the Prince's Trust Volunteer Scheme. The scheme is a personal development programme, which enables young people to develop their confidence, motivation and skills through teamwork in the community. The University has committed funding to support one member of staff each year to participate in the scheme. If anyone is interested (ideally maximum age 26), please contact Jane Coleman in the Personnel Office, e-mail

"I was both apprehensive and excited when I learned I would be taking part in a Prince's Trust 12 week development programme. I was to join a team of 12 young people aged between 16 and 25; nine were unemployed and I was one of three employed people. The main aim of the course was to improve various key skills whilst helping the community.

I got to know my fellow teammates during a team building residential week in Pembrokeshire. It was an intense week that involved enjoyable activities like canoeing and abseiling as well as difficult challenges that we had to solve as a team.

The main part of the course was our Community Project. The project we chose was to build six new chicken pens at Brandon Farm, a working farm for adults with learning difficulties. We had to fundraise to buy all the materials and the project proved to be a major test of motivation as materials, manpower and time were all running low, we even had a roll of chicken wire stolen!

I have had a unique opportunity to work with a wide variety of people in a diverse range of situations from which I, as well as the community, have benefited. I would strongly recommend the scheme to anyone wanting to improve their own skills as part of a team."

Esther Zaccarelli, Personnel Office