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Dr Mike Hannon - Royal Society of Chemistry Award

Originally published 17 May 2004

Dr Mike Hannon at the Department of Chemistry at the University of Warwick has been awarded the Royal Society of Chemistry’s prestigious Sir Edward Frankland Fellowship for independent creativity in organometallic chemistry and co-ordination chemistry of transition metals.

The Fellowship is awarded biennially and is named after Sir Edward Frankland who was an exceptionally brilliant man of science who made ground-breaking discoveries in all fields. He was the founder of the Institute of Chemistry and was knighted in 1897.

This award represents the latest in a number of national awards picked up this year by both staff and students at Warwick, and is indicative of the Department’s ongoing success in both teaching and research.

Dr Hannon, a previous winner of the ‘Westminster Prize’ which acknowledged him as one of the UK's top young research chemists in 1997, says “What is especially nice about these awards is that it reminds students that they really are in a world class research environment when they study Chemistry at Warwick”.

Dr Hannon was nominated for the Fellowship by Professors Peter Sadler and Peter Tasker, both of the Department of Chemistry at the University of Edinburgh, and represents an additional £2,000 research funding.

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