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Brief Encounter - Alex Sproat

Originally Published 06 August 2004

Alex Sproat retired on 31 July after almost 20 years at Warwick. He worked in Personnel at first, creating Unitemps in 1995 and two years later. Alex would like to thank all the many people at Warwick he has worked with for making his time here so rewarding.

What's your position at Warwick?

Director of

Which means?

I am at the head of the most effective advertiser of academic and related vacancies in the world

What's your favourite phrase?

When I were a lad.......

What magazines do you read?

I am an avid reader of the Screwfix catalogue

Your all-time favourite record or piece of music?

Puccini’s Tosca

Life before Warwick?


My smartest career move was...


You've been part of the University for quite a while. What's been the best thing about working at Warwick?

Being surrounded by enthusiastic, polite and helpful colleagues

Fulfilled any lifelong ambition?

An early retirement from public service

Major achievement to date?

Creating and Unitemps, Warwick’s own recruitment agency

What do you treasure most?

Being able to play snooker to an impressively high standard!

Has life's experience taught you anything so far?

People can be fair, but circumstances often aren't; demand fairness from people and cope with the rest!

Alex contacted by email at