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Brief Encounter with Gareth Johnson

Gareth JohnsonGareth Johnson has recently joined the University to fill the position of Service Innovation Officer in the Library, a role he shares with fellow newcomer Jenny Delasalle (Brief Encounter with Jenny to follow). His last role was that of Sciences Librarian at the University of York.

Gareth's professional interests include information literacy, ICT, and staff training. He is a keen advocate for the librarianship profession and continues to serve on numerous professional committees.

Service Innovation Officer

Which means
Trying to make the Library's great service just a little bit better, one day at a time.

Magazines read
PC Gamer, CILIP Update, The Gentleman's Journal

Life before Warwick
Spent at the lovely University of York, an institution largely run for the benefit of the large body of waterfowl (at least to the minds' of the campus geese), and before that Sheffield.

Smartest career move
A year as a pharmaceutical researcher which told me I really needed to get out of the science research game.

As a young child what did you want to be as a "grown-up"?
An astronaut - disappointed the jobs weren't there when I left school.

Now that you are grown-up what would be your "dream job"?
Successful novelist or thespian. Working on both of these.

Major achievement to date?
Writing, performing in, and stage directing a midnight medieval drama in the original Klingon. In the middle of a Staffordshire wood.

Any hidden talents?
Other than an annoying ability to remember lines of dialogue from TV shows with incredible precision? Probably an ability to get on well with 99.9% of people I meet.

Your all-time favourite record or piece of music?
The Imperial March (Darth Vader's Theme) by John Williams