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Professorial Promotions

To Professorships:

Dr. D. Barkley, Mathematics
Dr. P. Burnham, PAIS
Dr. M. Campbell-Kelly, Computer Science
Dr. B. Critoph, Engineering
Dr. N. Eilan, Philosophy
Dr. V. Fulop, Biological Sciences
Dr. S. Ghosal, Economics
Dr. S. Hindle, History
Dr. J. Hinton, History
Dr. J. Hutton, Statistics
Dr. S. Jacka, Statistics
Dr. E. Maylor, Psychology
Dr. C. McConville, Physics
Dr. G. Medley, Biological Sciences
Dr. D. Mond, Mathematics
Dr. P. Ratcliffe, Sociology
Dr. M. Rodger, Chemistry
Dr. C. Rutter, English

To Professorial Fellowships:

Dr. R. Burridge, Law
Dr. V. Raja, WMG
Dr. R. Roy, WMG