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Entrepreneurship Award for Engineering Academic


Dr DuttaDr Ritaban Dutta from the School of Engineering has been awarded the Best Post-Doctoral Entrepreneurship Award 2005 by The Siemens Technology-to-Business Center in California.

The Siemens Post-Doctoral Workshop on Technology, Innovation & Entrepreneurship was designed to help 10 outstanding post-doctoral researchers selected from all over the world, to refine their post-doctoral proposals, focusing on how to present technical ideas in a business context. Dr Dutta's entrepreneurial business process plan, based on his research contribution, won the Entrepreneurship award.

Dr Dutta was awarded for his contribution to Electronic Nose research, Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Instrumentation for Medical Science and Industry. Dr Dutta said: "One of the greatest rewards of a career in engineering is to see your ideas impact upon the lives of real people."