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Brief Encounter - Owen Lloyd

Owen LloydOwen Lloyd is the Music Centre Administrator and Gala Concert Production Manager. As Administrator, he manages the day-to-day running of the Music Centre. As Gala Concert Production Manager he is responsible for co-ordinating the entire event, from music to the toilets!

This year’s free end of term Gala Concert takes place on the Maths Field on Thursday 22 June.

Favourite Phrase:
"Well, I suppose the budget could stretch to…"

Best thing about working at Warwick:
The campus – how many workplaces can you see ducks, geese, swans, herons, rabbits, a woodpecker and a pheasant, not to mention all the beautiful landscaping. And the people – working with enthusiastic students is great.

Worst thing about working at Warwick:
The bureaucracy. I wonder if anyone’s ever counted the number of different forms available to download from insite…?

Lifelong Ambition?
To conduct in the Royal Albert Hall.

People are always surprised to learn this about me but:
I’m not actually grumpy all the time.

As a young child what did you want to be as a "grown-up"?
Definitely a train driver. I’m less bothered now, though I still quite fancy a fork-lift licence…

Now that you are grown-up what would be your "dream job"?
Organising the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games would be an incredible challenge, but I can’t see it happening just yet!

Major Achievement to Date
Last year’s Gala Concert - both the audience and performers seemed to really enjoy it!

Any hidden talents?
A spot of conducting, most recently Music Theatre Warwick’s production of A Chorus Line.

If you could change one thing in the University overnight, what would it be?
The size of the Music Centre – we really need some more rehearsal and performance space.