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Prof. Franco Cappuccio awarded Higher Doctorate of Science

capProfessor Franco Cappuccio has been awarded the degree of Higher Doctorate of Science for his work on the Sleep, Health & Society Programme carried out at Warwick. The award is in recognition of the international impact of his research and of its contribution to science and knowledge.

Professor Cappuccio is the first member of Warwick Medical School to receive such an award. He said:

I am delighted that this award helps put our Sleep Research Programme in the spotlight especially now as it becomes part of the first wave of Monash-Warwick Partnership and as we work towards setting up a large international consortium in which Sleep at Warwick can play a leading role.”

Franco is Cephalon Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine & Epidemiology within the Division of Metabolic and Vascular Health at Warwick Medical School and Consultant Physician at UHCW.

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