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Meet the Sabbs - 2009-2010

The Students' Union Sabbatical Officers, the 'Sabbs', for the year 2009-2010 took up their new roles on August 1st and are now making preparations for the year ahead. Earlier in 2009 they were elected by the student body to run and develop the University of Warwick Students' Union and associated activities. Here, we introduce them to the whole University...

Andrew Bradley: Students' Union President

Andrew Bradley is the new Students’ Union President. He graduated this summer from the Department of Politics and International Studies. From Music Theatre Warwick to Amnesty International via the Eastern Food Appreciation Society, there weren’t many aspects of Warwick life that Andrew hasn’t been involved with at some stage over the last three years. Andrew was also a Student Ambassador for Warwick Welcome Service, a role which included leading Aim Higher workshops and widening participation schemes in local schools.

The President’s job is to stand up for students and make sure that their voice is heard in everything the University does. The president works to encourage student involvement in all aspects of the Union. Andrew’s aim for the year is simple – to make sure Warwick University and the SU provide the best possible student experience.

Sumaiya Khaku: Education Officer

Sumaiya is the Union’s Education Officer. She read a degree in Politics with International Studies. She became involved in her second year; being on Union Council and a member of the (now dissolved) Communications Committee. After that she became the Social Studies Faculty Representative and then the Academic Forum Coordinator.

The Education Officer is responsible for coordinating the Student-Staff Liaison Committee (SSLC) System and represents students by sitting on approximately 43 University committees and working groups. This allows them to put forward the student view on any decisions being made and any projects taken forward that may have an effect on students.

Sumaiya’s big projects for the year include making improvements to the SSLC system and the Personal Tutor system. She also has plans to improve the student experience at Warwick through improvements to the Library, IT Services and mentoring.

Andy Perkins: Governance & Finance Officer

Andy Perkins is the Union’s Governance & Finance Officer for the coming year. He’s spent the last three years studying Economics and only really became involved in the Union during his second year, starting with sitting on Union Council, the Union’s Democracy Committee, chairing that Committee, working as a Freshers Supervisor for last year's Freshers Fortnight as well as working part-time as a member of Street Team.

The role of Governance and Finance is split into two main segments. The governance aspect means he is responsible for all aspects of Union Democracy, right from ensuring Union Council runs smoothly to overseeing Officer Elections in Term Two. The finance aspect is more oversight than operational, working with the Union’s finance team to make sure there is a student voice in how the finances are managed.

Andy’s main aims for this year centre around the Union’s imminent legal status change, but also include aspirations for increased turnout in democratic events. He also wants to try to improve relations between Warwick and NUS.

Isaac Newton Acquah: Communications Officer

Isaac Newton Acquah is the Communications Officer for 09-10. Originally from Ghana, he was raised in Austria before coming here to study Computer Science and Business Studies at Warwick. He was involved in both The Business School Society and One World Week for two years.

His main function is to be the link in the communication channel to the students and from the students into all the Students’ Union outlets to ensure that what is being provided is what the students want. It is his duty to make sure students are kept up to date with what is happening in the Union, as well as around campus as a whole. This goes beyond emails and updating the website to kitchen tours with the SU Street Team.

What Isaac is looking forward to the most this year is to be able to tell students that the Union Redevelopment is finally complete and they should come and enjoy the new venues. Apart from that, some of his other projects involve raising school spirit and creating a more congenial experience at Warwick. It is very possible that you would end up in one of his Spotlight photos. Be on the look out.

Sami Wannell: Welfare Officer

Sami Wannell is the Welfare Officer. He did the undergraduate masters program for mathematics whilst he was a student, meaning he’s been around Warwick for four years already. Always fearful of getting bored, he was on the exec of five different societies before his first year was even over, with his main focuses being around campaigning for social change, and charity work.

The Welfare Officer’s job is to, in a nutshell, deal with all the problems that students can face in their time at university… be that with housing, their courses, immigration, money, or anything else. He also acts as a reporting centre for hate crimes, runs welfare-related campaigns around issues such as mental health, and acts as a representative on any welfare concerns to the University. Anything from organising blood donations or sexual health clinics on campus to being a shoulder to cry on for students is part of the remit!

Main aims for the year include issues around LGBTUA access, improving housing accreditation schemes, and improving the stature of students in the local community.

James Hall: Societies Officer

James Hall is the Societies Officer. As a student, James read maths, but spent as much time in the Music Centre as in the maths department! He got involved in a huge number of societies whilst studying, from singing with the Chamber Choir or dancing on stage in the Arts Centre with Music Theatre Warwick to playing bridge in (what was then) the Graduate pub.

As Societies Officer he coordinates all of the societies and is the first port of call for any society executive or member if they have a problem, need support or are unsure of where to go. He oversees student initiatives such as One World Week and the student Arts Festival. Personal development for society members is also a major part of his role.

During his year in office, James hopes to build on the new Warwick Advantage Award started last year, and to start an exec forum for the students who run our 250+ societies. His biggest aim is to have record breaking society memberships and involvement for this year.

Alex Twiss: Sports Officer

Alex is the Sports Officer. He was massively involved in Sport during his time at Warwick, playing Lacrosse, Rugby and Basketball for the University. He became president of Lacrosse in his final year and still plays for their Men's 1st team. He also did a bit of studying, reading Philosophy, Politics and Economics.

The Sports Officer is the vital link between Warwick Sport and the Students’ Union. They are the public face of student sport and ensure that as many people as possible actively engage with sport at Warwick. They work daily with the staff at Warwick Sport to ensure smooth running of the organisation.

Alex has numerous plans for this year, including the introduction of a KPMG Women's Netball League and a Rounders League, getting the One to Watch filmed every week and completely revamping Sports Ball to name a few.