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Meet the Sabbs: 2010-11

The Students' Union Sabbatical Officers, the 'Sabbs', for 2010-2011 took up their new roles on 1 August and are now making preparations for the year ahead. Earlier in 2010 they were elected by the student body to run and develop the University of Warwick Students' Union and associated activities. Here, we introduce them to the University community...

Daniel Stevens: Students' Union President

Daniel Stevens is the President of Warwick SU. He graduated recently with a degree in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics, whilst being involved with all aspects of campus life. As a Brazilian, he is the first international president in recent times.

The President's job is to stand up for students and make sure that their voice is heard in everything the University does. The President works to encourage student involvement in all aspects of the Union.

Daniel will be working on a range of projects, but he especially hopes to look at ways to improve the global experience at Warwick, to examine ways in which the Union can contribute and improve graduate employability, and to look at ways to relieve pressure on student wallets on campus.

Sean Ruston: Education Officer

Sean is the Union's Education Officer. He graduated this summer from the Department of Politics and International Studies. Throughout his final year he was involved in campaigns surrounding imminent changes to the funding of Higher Education. He was a delegate to the National Union of Students conference in April and organised the Union's submission to the Lord Browne review in May.

The Education Officer is responsible for coordinating the Student-Staff Liaison Committee (SSLC) System and represents students by sitting on approximately 43 University committees and working groups. This allows him to put forward the student view on any decisions being made and any projects taken forward that may have an effect on students.

Sean's big projects for the year include working with the University to improve the quality of feedback on coursework and exams, working with the Library and IT Services to improve access to these resources, an expansion of the Union's work on widening participation through the school-outreach programme Inspire and running campaigns to protect student's interests in response to the release of the Browne Review and cuts to Higher Education.

Chris Luck: Democracy and Communications Officer

This year's Democracy and Communications Officer, Chris, graduated last year with a degree in History and Politics. Always heavily involved in Union and University activities, in the past Chris has been Chair of the St John Ambulance Society, a Freshers Helper and Supervisor and Chair of the Union's Elections Group whilst working at SUHQ Reception and as a Copper Rooms steward. He has also worked as a Warwick Welcome Service Senior Ambassador at various University events and Open Days.

As Democracy and Communications Officer, Chris is responsible for overseeing all of the Union's democratic processes whilst encouraging involvement and turnout. From Union Council and General Meetings to elections and referenda, democracy is one of the core functions of Warwick SU. Chris is also responsible for the Union's feedback service 'Have Your Say' and for communicating with members throughout the year.

His main aims for the year ahead range from increasing democratic involvement and accountability to finding out what students think of their Union and changing it for the better.

Stuart Stanley: Finance Officer

Stuart is the Union's Finance Officer. Having graduated with a MEng in Computer Science he has been heavily involved in both Union and University extracurricular activities throughout his time at Warwick. On the University side, Stuart sat on the SSLC for his department as a student rep, secretary and most recently Chair. Within the Union, Stuart has sat on the Trustees Board since its setup and also held the position of Returning Officer, overseeing all of the elections taking place for over two years. He's also had extensive involvement in Warwick RAG (Raising and Giving), most notably as RAG Week Coordinator last year. Finally, Stuart has also worked part time at both the Union and the University in a number of positions.

The Finance Officer's main role is to ensure students have a say in the commercial running of their Union. This spans from deciding which cocktails are stocked in the Terrace Bar to ensuring the budgets are distributed to best enhance the experience of students whilst studying here at Warwick.

A large part of Stuart's role involves ensuring the Union's current activities meet new legislative requirements. He will also be assisting student led societies and sports clubs in financial issues and planning their own events as well as ensuring that all of the Union's outlets including The Dirty Duck pub and Xanana's bistro restaurant best meet the needs of their customers.

Leo Boe: Welfare Officer

Leonard (Leo) Boe, Welfare Officer. Leo studied Politics and International Studies (PAIS) from 2007-2010 after having graduated from the International School of Geneva. Whilst at Warwick he engaged in a range of activities and experiences, including spending two terms in Hong Kong as an exchange student, and founding and presiding over the interfaith Coexist Society which received commendation from Tony Blair and various town and city councils within its first few months. Beyond these, Leo was awarded the Global Gold Award from the Student Careers and Skills team for his hunger to learn more about the world and to help where he can, having spent three months working as a full-time consultant at an NGO in Mongolia in 2009. An international student, Leo grew up in Switzerland, the USA, and South Africa.

As Welfare Officer, Leo is responsible for ensuring that the needs of minority groups on campus are met, as well as running awareness campaigns, organising blood donation and Genito-Urinary Medicine (GUM) clinics, improving relations with local communities, helping students with any problems they may have whilst at university, to name but a few.

This year Leo will be focusing on encouraging students to relax about finding accommodation for the following year, through ensuring they are fully aware of all the options open to them, engaging off-campus students with their Union, improving relations with both Leamington and Coventry residents, and ensuring that the needs of LGBT students as well as students with disabilities are well represented to the University.

Andy White: Societies Officer

Andy White is the Societies Officer. As a student, Andy read Accounting & Finance but ended up devoting pretty much all of his time at Warwick fundraising with Warwick RAG. As well as holding numerous positions on the RAG exec, he was involved in over 20 other societies and was heavily involved in the Societies Committee, chairing it for a year.

As Societies Officer, he's responsible for the 200+ societies we have here at Warwick. He organises events such as the Societies Fair and awards ceremony and is the first point of call for any society executive or member if they have a problem, need support or are unsure of where to go. He oversees student initiatives such as One World Week and the student Arts Festival. Personal development for society members is also a major part of his role.

His main initiatives for the year are to create new avenues for societies to advertise what they do and increase society sponsorship. He says this year will be a success if society membership and involvement increases and more students receive the Warwick Advantage Award.

George Whitworth: Sports Officer

George Whitworth is the Sports Officer. Having studied Maths for three years he just about managed to juggle a degree with his commitment to sports. Having been a first team lacrosse player for the past two years, and going on every ski tour whilst at Warwick, George has made the most of everything that Sport at Warwick can offer – from being a part of an excellent team who achieved promotion to the first BUCS Men’s Lacrosse Premiership, to nights (not) to remember in the Alps with Warwick Snow.

In his job George provides a link between the students and Warwick Sport, making sure the big sporting events of the year go according to plan.

A major project he is working on this year is the development of a sponsorship pack, so that clubs and societies never run out of cash.