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Warwick Farewell - Professor Noel Carr

Emeritus Professor Noel Carr died on 30 October, aged 71. Noel was appointed to a chair at Warwick in 1984 and retired in 1996. He was a distinguished microbiologist with an international reputation in the study of cyanobacteria who pioneered molecular studies in marine microbiology. He was also a tremendous colleague to work with. Noel could enliven the dullest staff and exam board meetings with a mixture of perceptive and unexpected comments delivered with immense charm. An unusual testament to Noel’s persuasive charm is found in memo from the Finance Officer in 1988 in which he confirms that “Noel Carr caught me at a weak moment and I promised support for a clerical 2 secretary”. Noel’s enthusiasms extended well beyond science and he had considerable interests in the arts and was a Friend of the Mead Gallery.

Professor Nicholas Mann, Department of Biological Sciences