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Winners of HRC Doctoral Fellowship Competition announced

HRC LogoThe Humanities Research Centre (HRC) have announced the winners of their 2012 Doctoral Fellowship Competition.

The winners of the competition are each given a research budget of £400 and a conference budget of £600, and are invited to organise a one-day interdisciplinary conference during the following academic year.

2012 winners

This year’s winners (and the conferences they will organise) are as follows:

· Emily Andrews (History)

What is old age? New Perspectives from the humanities

· Jonathan Durham (French)

Theatre at the Crossroads of Language and Genre

· Chris Maughan and George Ttoouli (English)

Planetary Cancer: Growth, Economy and Culture in an Era of Climate Catastrophe

About the Fellowships

The HRC Doctoral Fellowships are intended to enhance the winners' work on their PhDs. They can use their research budget for all reasonable expenses related to their PhD research. The conference budget is spent on organising a one-day conference on a topic close to the area of their dissertation, bringing together scholars working in their field.