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RISE Awards: Recognising Inspirational Scientists and Engineers

The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) is pleased to announce the ten RISE Leaders for 2014. In addition to the RISE leaders, the nominees who are Fellows of the Royal Society, Royal Academy of Engineering and the Academy of Medical Sciences are being celebrated as RISE Renowned Fellows.

Congratulations to Professor Robert MacKay (Mathematics Institute), Professor Gareth Roberts (Director, CRiSM) and Professor Peter Sadler (Chemistry) who have been named Rise Renowned Fellows.

Philip Greenish, CBE, Chief Executive of the Royal Academy of Engineering commented:

The RISE awards are a unique opportunity to recognise established and future research leaders in engineering and the physical sciences. RISE is part of the Engineering for Growth campaign which aims to bring engineering to the heart of society; celebrating the contribution of inspiring researchers to growth and innovation is a great way to help create a connection between engineering and daily life.”

Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC)

The EPSRC is the UK’s main agency for funding research in engineering and the physical sciences. EPSRC invests around £800 million a year in research and postgraduate training, to help the nation handle the next generation of technological change. The areas covered range from information technology to structural engineering, and mathematics to materials science. This research forms the basis for future economic development in the UK and improvements for everyone’s health, lifestyle and culture. EPSRC works alongside other Research Councils with responsibility for other areas of research.

For more information on the RISE awards go to the EPSRC website.

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