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Societies Awards 2015

Best Society: Warwick Finance Societies


In an incredibly tough category, this society won the ‘Best Society’ award for their remarkable professionalism and delivery.

Despite a number of logistical challenges, they have used their resources to provide brilliant experiences for their members, ranging from workshops and socials to tours and speaker events, and are constantly looking for new ways to enhance and diversify what they offer.

Most Improved Society: Engineering

This society has gone from strength to strength this year, and is almost unrecognisable from previous years. From starting conferences from scratch to sourcing brand new forms of sponsorship, they have shown that it really is possible to transform a student society in one year, and they should be immensely proud of their considerable achievements.

Best Society (Academic): Economics

In an incredibly tough category, the winners have done brilliantly to continue the work of their predecessors on exec. Membership has improved even more, they have run a phenomenal speaker series attractive to students from all degree backgrounds, and worked really hard to collaborate with other societies. They have truly shown star quality.

Best Society: Salsa

2This society has simply done it all this year. From weekly classes to incredible socials, from making a huge difference to charitable causes to performing at inter-society events, they have shown that it is possible to be fun, professional and truly inclusive of the whole student community.

They are the essence of everything that is good about Warwick students.

Best Society (Film and Media): RaW

We’re so lucky to have incredible media societies at Warwick, and this was a really tough decision. However, the Committee chose the winner on account of how much they have helped their members develop and grow confidence, whilst offering their services to clubs, societies and the University alike. They have established a true community within the wider Warwick community.

maahwish_mirza_and_teju_soyinka.jpgBest Society (Cultural): Afro-Caribbean Society (ACS)

This society has allowed students to develop not only individually, but also collectively.
Embracing students from all backgrounds, the sheer breadth of their activity has enabled them to build further on last year’s amazing growth, and they have deservedly been heralded beyond Warwick for the impact they have made.

Best Society (New): Marrow

The winners have worked incredibly hard to make a remarkable impact on campus in a short space of time. From collaborating with other societies to recruiting an impressive amount of driven and selfless volunteers to help their cause, it will be really exciting to see this society continue to grow.

Best Society (Community): Mind Awaremind_aware_-_best_community_society.jpg

In another really close category, the winners demonstrated in their application just how brilliantly they have raised awareness of their cause, with relatively few resources.

From establishing community links to advertising around campus, from speaker talks to anonymous support, this society has proved invaluable to Warwick students.

Best Event: Entrepreneurs – The Incubator

The variety of submissions in this category was exceptional, and a testament to the innovation and organisational skills of Warwick students. The winning event has created tangible value for students over the past year, demonstrating remarkable professionalism and creativity, and provides participants with the platform to go on and achieve great things in the wider world.

Best Summit/Conference/Forum: TEDxWarwick

Summits and conferences have been a huge source of growth among societies, and the standard is undoubtedly higher than ever – hence introducing this category for 2015. The winning society were chosen because of the staggering slickness of their event, which engaged undergraduates, postgraduates, external visitors and University staff alike. Not only that, but the range of talks on offer made attendees want to change the world, and empowered them to feel like they could.

Campaign of the Year: Mind Aware

The winning society has worked tirelessly throughout the year to raise awareness of an incredibly important cause, publicising an issue which has been somewhat taboo for various reasons. The highlight was their specific campaign during Term 2, where they demonstrated the incredible level of support they were prepared to offer students.

Outstanding Contribution: Sian Elvin

This individual has worked tirelessly across multiple societies, but particularly for the student newspaper, where they have contributed across a vast range of departments since their first year. They have been a driving force behind the growth of The Boar, contributing far beyond their specific remit on exec, and the newspaper has gone from strength to strength thanks to their impact.

Outstanding Contribution: Akash Garg

This person has worked incredibly hard for their society, providing invaluable support to the large executive committee and wider membership. It is clear that the society simply could not have operated without this individual, who is humble about their achievements or input, but whom the Societies Committee could not ignore due to the numerous heartfelt testimonials that were submitted to them.

Outstanding Contribution: Fraser Simpson

During this person’s time at Warwick, they have made a phenomenal impact on performance societies’ events. Their contribution to student life is relentless and indispensable – from directing to performing – and their time management is clearly extraordinary. Yet despite the stress such a busy schedule must cause, they participate with a smile on their face and a helping hand for their peers. They truly have gone above and beyond in every single role they have fulfilled.

Last week the Students Union celebrated Warwick students’ extracurricular achievements this year at the prestigious end-of-year Societies Awards ceremony. Well done to everyone involved!